Meet The NOMAD Team
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

Tim Prior
Youth & Family Team Manager

Sue Prior
Funding Coordinator & Family Support Worker

Angela Face
Youth & Family
Support Worker

Jaco Bruwer
Youth & Family
Support Worker


The NOMAD Trustees and Advisory Board:
The NOMAD Trustees, who meet 2/3 times a year, oversee and ensure that NOMAD is administered in line with the Charities Commission

The NOMAD Advisory Board is made up of representatives from interested parties and a wide cross section of the community. The Board also meets 3/4 times a year and divide down into smaller sub groups to oversee human resources, staffing, funding and the programme delivery
Duncan Carter (Trustee)
Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Henley for many years and has also been keenly involved with NOMAD since the early 2000’s.
Mark Sayers (Trustee)
As a business man and resident in Henley with his family, has had involvement with NOMAD since 1996.

Jo Bray (Trustee)
Joint Pastor and Manager of the d:two Centre. Became a Trustee in 2019

Jeremy Bray (Trustee)
 Joint Pastor and Manager of the d:two Centre. Became a Trustee in 2019
Youth & Families Advisory Board:
Tim Prior (Project Lead)
As the Youth and Families Team Manager, Tim sits within this group and is responsible for reporting on the day to day running of the project.

Sue Prior (Staff)
Attends all the advisory groups and acts as a link between the advisory board and staff.

Paula Isaac
Town Council Representative.
Catherine Darnton
Head Teacher at Gillotts Secondary School.
Roger Cole (Nomad Patron)
Roger has been involved with Nomad since 2005 and is an active supporter of NOMAD with a focus on supporting with community work.

Pam Phillips
Has also been associated with NOMAD since it started in 1996 originally as a Town Councillor and now as a resident of Henley. She brings her knowledge and skills of life coaching to bear.

Chris Ward 
Local Businessman who has a key role in helping Nomad raise their profile and fundraise within the local community.

Clive Wilkinson
Chair of Thamesfield Youth Trust.
Barry Wood
Has been involved with NOMAD since the early 2000's. He is a local resident, a retired Schools Inspector specialising in Safeguarding and Health & Safety and is an active member of the team currently helping us develop our volunteer base.

Michelle Payne
Parent representative

Company Secretary
Sue Prior
Provides administration support to the Trustees.


Richard Taylor
Oversees the NOMAD accounts.

  Where does the money come from?

Thank you to the following organisations and charities who have partnered with us over the last year, supporting various projects and aspects of our work with their expertise and funding. We gratefully acknowledge their help and input without which NOMAD would not be able to deliver its services.
Charlton Otmoor Trust
Chiltern Edge School
Community Safety Partnership
Gillotts School
Henley Baptist Church
Henley Town Council
Hobbs Boats Henley
Holy Trinity Church
Individual Donors
Invesco Perpetual
John Hodges Trust
Langtree School
Lottery Awards For All
Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Police Crime Commission
South Oxfordshire District Council
Tesco Henley
Thamesfield Youth Association
The Leander Club
The Mosawi Foundation
Tony Lane Foundation
Ward Consultancy
Willem Voorvaart
YMCA Henley
In addition many friends of NOMAD provide regular giving and one off donations. The NOMAD Trustees, Advisory Board and staff are very grateful for the on-going support from all of our funders and value the good partnerships that have evolved. NOMAD recognises that it cannot operate in isolation and welcomes the vital input of partner organisations. 


Our History & Future 
NOMAD was set up as a detached youth project employing a single male youth worker as a response to issues of anti-social behaviour fuelled by alcohol in the local community amongst young people. The name NOMAD was synonymous with being nomadic and wondering around. The project was governed by a Management Committee including representatives from local churches, the Town Council, local Police, schools, business and parents etc.
2000 - 2008
NOMAD took on a wider brief to include work with the parents and families and little by little began to establish working relationships with professionals and statutory organisations as well as many children, young people and parents in the town.
As the breadth of work grew to provide support for preschool children and their families as well as the young people and their parents NOMAD became a charity in its own right during this period.
2008 - 2013
In recognition of the work that had developed in the town and in line with the Government initiative to develop children centres in each local community, NOMAD was awarded the contract to deliver children centre services in Henley and Sonning Common. With a remit to provide universal services alongside the targeted work through the children centres it was a great opportunity but also a huge challenge. 

The NOMAD Youth and Families Team were also developing work on a smaller scale to meet the growing needs identified through local schools, social services, police, health services and through our own systems.  Funding for this area of our work has always dictated it be targeted at those living with disadvantage and as can be seen from records of our work, there is no shortage.

During this period we also restructured the Management of NOMAD to provide a more efficient means of governance.
In a changing world, NOMAD was no exception and from April 2013 with the management of the children centres passing to another provider, the NOMAD Youth and Community Project returned to its roots, prioritising those who are facing disadvantage through economic and/or complex social issues. 

2014 & beyond.....

The current staff team are as determined as ever to provide support to young people and families who so often live without hope that things will ever change for the better.

The flexibility and fluidity of the project is now part of our DNA and the journey continues!