Nomad Programmes
Schools Work
The Nomad mentoring programme is delivered into secondary and primary schools. The purpose of mentoring is to provide a regular time and safe environment where the mentee feels comfortable to talk about issues in their lives. Overcoming obstacles, being able to discern between voices and different peer pressures at a time of massive intellectual, social, physical and emotional change is a huge challenge for any young person.
Life Skills Programme
This is a course that can be tailored for students according to age and needs with the aim of helping them:
  • Develop communication skills
  • Build self esteem
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Build positive friendships
  • Improve organisation
  • Handle their emotions positively
  • Life Skills explores topics like 'Understanding Yourself', 'Handling Anger', 'Communication Skills', 'Food and Nutrition', 'Drugs and Alcohol' and 'Relationships'.
The course involves different teaching techniques such as games, group discussions and written activities and students will also get to participate in a leisure activity.
Family Support
The family remains the single greatest influence in most young people’s lives. We all want to protect our children, raise them well, provide them with the best education and give them skills to live their lives. We all know that bringing up a child is one of the toughest and at same time one of the most rewarding challenges in our lives.
Nomad believes in the value of working jointly with children/young people and their parents together and seeks to create good memories for families who sometimes have little to celebrate; offer opportunities to develop positive relationships, provide strategies for making positive changes in lives and a platform to have fun.
After School
​​ Football 
There are currently two football sessions which run each week. Sessions are open to the appropriate ages.
Tuesday's 4.30-5.30pm. For kids aged 11-16 years old, (school Year 7-11). Term-time only. At the Henley YMCA tiger turf pitch. Cost = Free.
Wednesday's 7-8pm. For young people aged 16+ years. Term-time only. At the Henley YMCA tiger turf pitch. Cost = Free.

1to1 and Group Work Activities

Targetted youth work sessions for young people take place after school on Monday's and Wednesday's. Invite only session.   

Detached Work

2 hour detached youth work session at Henley Skate Park every Thursday from 4.30pm.


  1. Nomad Food Bank
    The Nomad food bank is based at d:two Centre in Henley and is run with the help of volunteers from the local community. Clients are referred to the food bank through recognised agencies. Additional support can be offered to clients as and when appropriate including money management and budgeting programmes.
  2. Adult Learning Project
    The Learning Programme offers 1 to 1 tuition for adults (16+) to improve their literacy and numeracy skills in order to achieve their full potential, improve their lives and, for some, raise their aspirations towards employment. Nomad also offers mentoring support and help with CV’s and job applications in order to help them begin to achieve their full potential.
  3. 16+ Support
    For young people who have struggled in school, making the transition to college, further training or employment can be equally as difficult. Nomad provides support for local youngsters finding themselves in this position. Our workers empower the young people to think positively about their futures and help link them in with local provision. We work closely with Schools, Colleges and other professional bodies to support them in this process.
  4. Community Events
    Regular fun day's and community events are held in different locations around Henley. Activities include free BBQs, mobile climbing wall, team games, football. A great opportunity to meet your neighbours and create a positive atmosphere in your street. We also run an annual beach trip to Bournemouth and several other events during the year. Please feel free to contact us for more information.